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So, this is my first addition...

Being the organised soul Anita is, we have lists and lists of things that need to get done (mine is pretty small at the moment I think, mainly need to sell my motor bike - any takers?). But no matter how organised you are, there is still time to lose small things, like travel credit cards. We've signed up for, and received, one each from a company called Caxton fx. They're a good idea as you'd only lose the money that you have put on them if they get stolen or cloned, and not your whole life savings.

But even the most organised person (not me ;o) can find them easy to misplace. Which is where I come in, Mr I-Can-Find-It! Ha ha! It would seem that we do work well together!!

It's now Thursday, so two-ish days left in the country. Two sleeps to go! Woo!

The Shipping Man came this morning and took our two tea chests of stuff away - winter clothes and things like that for NZ. (Dad, your name is on the box too incase they need someone to release it to) So this is another point of no return! And at the moment I have £5 in my pocket and Anita has 73p, so we are officially homeless and destitute. Donations gratefuly recieved.


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5 days to go....

Well, Gerald and I are now nomads! We moved out of my house at midday after 3 full days of sorting, packing and heavy duty cleaning. It was a weird feeling leaving there after 13 years! Hopefully we will return in a years time to find it looking exactly the same - well I can hope can't I?! Gerald finished work on Friday and so we are spending our last few days saying our goodbyes and tying up loose ends. It will be good to get on that plane as it means that there is nothing more we can do. So our next update should be from a land a far!

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Hi all!
Welcome to our blog, this seems like the easiest way to let you know what's going on and where we are so sign up and follow our journey.....
Anita & Gerald

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The countdown

23 days to go.....


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