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Day 2 on a small island

is loads of fun

sunny 35 °C

We’ve spent our time here doing nothing. Lying on the beach, eating a bit of food, being nice to the local cat population (as Anita has said, 700 inhabitants, so there must be about 300 cats). We did venture out for a walk around the whole island today tho! Pretty intense stuff, lots of endurance needed. Our guide book says it should take about 4 hours (really? Oval island 3kmx2km?) so we gave ourselves exactly that amount of time to hit the southern end and thus see the sunset from the highest point on the island – 100 meters. But we managed to knock off this great feat in a little under two hours, so got to the hill too early and thus no sunset. But I think our shoulders would out shine it anyway – we’re both ‘a little’ burnt. No one else really seemed to be doing the walk at the same time as us – mental note: walking around in the tropical sun in the middle of the day sans sunscreen or even a shirt is a bad idea. Remember to Slip Slop Slap.

(Apparently I exaggerate. It wasn’t the middle of the day. We started at 2pm)

Tomorrow we think we might go on a glass bottom boat and snorkelling trip around these three islands (the Gili Islands remember? Can’t remember the names really, and anyway, this one is hard to say, so I’m calling it Gili T. Gili A and Gili M are the other two). Tonight tho, we need to go change some money. Problem is that we have MasterCard things. This island has one ATM. It takes VISA. Dammit.

Another problem is that the US dollars I have are mostly older or more used than the money changers like. So they are hard to exchange! AND we need A MILLION of the local currency just to pay for our 4 night’s accom! A million! That’s like … 60 quid! (managed to change the money ok, so please dont feel the need to send us any)(unless you really want to)

Anita’s bout of upset (travellers?) tummy has abated, coincidently at the same time as she stopped taking her anti-malarials. Anyone know how to stop that specific side affect? Since there are no mosquitoes on this island, let alone malaria, we’re fine for now. But in two days time I think we’re back in malaria zone. We thought about it and decided that malaria was the worse of the two inflictions, so she has to start them again tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

We're now sitting in a nice Reggae bar with a nice sea breeze, listening to a local Reggae band. All very nice.


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Candi Dasa to Gili Trawangan

The next installment

sunny 37 °C

Candi Dasa was not a huge place (you can walk from one end to the other in about 10 minutes!) and after 3 days of finding many sea creatures we never even knew existed we felt it was time to move on and decided on the Gili Islands. So we booked a boat to take us on the 4 hour journey as this was the most direct and quickest way. The journey across was pretty rough and most of the passengers (including ourselves) spent time downstairs laying on the seats attempting to sleep away the 4 hour journey as quickly as possible. As we neared the island we decided to stay on, Trawangan, the water became calmer and there was a beautiful sunset over the mountains of Lombok. We had to get off our boat onto a much smaller boat to be taken to shore and then had the task of finding somewhere to stay on a tiny island (2km x 3km and 700 inhabitants) in peak season….most places we asked were full and those that had the odd room were way over our budget as they were luxury places….we almost spent the night in one as my mental maths went a bit astray after a day of travelling and feeling tired – converted 80,000 rather than the 800,000 he wanted and thought we were grabbing ourselves a fantastic bargain!!!! You can imagine the disappointment when reality hit home 
Eventually we found a place a short distance from the beach which is brand new, we even have an upstairs bedroom. There is a lack of fresh water on the island so we have to shower in salt water but it seems to be that way in all the budget accommodation. I seem to have a bit of ‘travellers belly’ at the moment (maybe down to the malarials we are taking as it started at the same time???) so we took it easy today, Gerald looked after me going out and getting me food and once I started to feel better we headed to the beach for a swim and a bit of time in the sun.

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Moving on

Off to the next stop in Bali

sunny 35 °C


We decided that we’d had enough of Legian and the madness that entails living in the busy touristy part of the island (too many Aussies and Germans – apologies to all our Aussie and German friends). So we decided to move on and after a brief discussion about the pros and cons of Candi Dasa vs just heading straight out to Lombok and the Gili Islands, Candi Dasa (further more called CD) won. We grabbed ourselves a private car (with driver) to take us out there as it was only marginally dearer than taking a tourist bus. Didn’t even consider public transport. We’re so posh.

The drive out to CD was an experience that Anita attempted to sleep through. Indonesia is a ‘drive on the left’ country, but that seems more like an idea than a rule, as you drive where ever there is space, including between two other cars (or trucks or scooters) as long as you can fit there. Don’t worry about how many lanes are marked on the road, nor if the road signs are telling you you’re going the wrong way down a one way street.

Other than that, the drive was picturesque, through bush, past rice fields, every now and then hitting the coast and seeing the deep blue sea.

CD is a nice, relaxed, place. The beach isn’t big due to the super intelligent people of the past deciding to remove the reef (mined it for the lime), which left the beach open to the sea, which promptly washed it away. They have built sea walls to help protect and rebuild the beaches…

Low tide means there are lots of things to look at in the shallow, almost rock pool like, water. High tide mean waves crashing against the sea wall. It was low tide when we arrived so we spent at least three hours looking around the water at crabs, starfish and other alien like creatures. Evening here is more dramatic as we don’t get the same sunsets (beach faces south), and there were heavy clouds and wind last night. Makes for nice photos tho :o)

Our room here… is right on the beach. The view from our bed out the window is stunning. Well worth the 10 quid a night we’re paying for it (that does include breakfast brought to your room in the morning).

That’s all for now (do I always say that?. If anything dramatic like sunburn occurs, I’ll let you know.


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The Beginning

Finally we leave!

sunny 35 °C

We arrived in Denpasar, Bali around midnight and then stood in a queue for another 2 HOURS(!!!!) to get our visa to enter Indonesia. Finally arrived at our room around 2.30am but by that time were both quite awake so went for a wander. Our room is very cute with a four poster bed and a semi open air bathroom complete with living plants amongst the stones and tiles and the odd gecko of course! (no spiders or snakes yet : Ed.)

The grounds are beautiful and are full of tiny kittens which we want to take with us, I have really fallen for one of them it is so tiny and needs a lot of fattening up! We have not done much yet other than sit by the pool or the beach, eat and drink, which is costing us a fortune! Dinner tonight was over £3 for the 2 of us!

It truly is a small world as today we were heading back to the room after lunch and I bumped into a guy I met on my summer holiday 3 years ago, so we stopped and had a catch up.

The sunsets here are perfect as the beach faces west.

It is difficult trying to think of what we want to do each day – too many decisions to make: where to eat, what to eat, where to go next… so taxing.


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Hong Kong

Waiting at Gate 64

semi-overcast 32 °C

Just a quick note. First flight over, now sitting in Hong Kong airport counting all the people wearing face masks. Maybe terrorists should take up that idea, help them to blend in.

Nice of the airport to provide free internet access! Means we can check up on home and find out that it is 25 degrees and sunny, according to the BBC anyway. Which means it's probably 18 and bucketing down.

This may be the last you hear from us: the next flight is with China Air to Denpasar...


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