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Hello it's me again! Gerald is at work and I am still on my school holiday so I thought I would write another blog to keep myself occupied whilst I am all alone!

We have had a fairly busy couple of weeks....we have been trying to make the most of living so close to the city and so had a visit to a great little theatre called the Basement. They had a show on called Elimination Rounds which was hilarious! The venue is small so the performers were touching distance at times and the show was very interactive - a good night out.

We went to the rugby in Hamilton and Gerald's team lost again so there is talk of banning him from attending any more games as the 3 he has seen so far have all resulted in loses, he is Gerald the Jinx!!!
As soon as the rugby finished it was back in the car to head to Cooks Beach. Gerald's aunt and uncle were having their 60th birthday party there on the Saturday so it made sense to go there from Hamilton.
We stayed in a bach (holiday home) just a minute or so from the beach and woke on Saturday morning to a beautiful, hot and sunny day!
The day was spent at the beach with some of G's family and then the 60s made a come back in the village hall as all of Shenagh and Sel's friends and family arrived in full 60s gear and spent the night dancing to the band. Lots of fun!
Check out the rest of the photos on here!!!

My friend Sarah from the UK arrived on Tuesday afternoon for a brief stay so I tried to give her a taste of Auckland in that short time!
Tuesday night was spent in The Juice Bar in Parnell watching Newton Faulkner play live. We were all in agreement that he was absolutely fantastic and although I love his albums he is much, much better on stage! He is extremely talented and has a great voice. It was a one man show and he was on stage for 2 hours entertaining us not only with his music but also his hilarious anecdotes. He was very, very funny! A great night!
Wednesday was a trip up the sky tower for the views (we could easily spot the apartment!) as it was a nice sunny day and then we had lunch on Mission Bay beach before heading to Kelly Tarlton's underwater world.
Thursday was a walk around the lovely Domain park and a wander around the museum before heading to the airport. Unfortunately I suspect poor Sarah is now stuck in LAX due to the volcanic ash in British air space....
Hopefully she will get home in time for work on Monday!

Today we are off to Hamilton for the rugby - lets see if Gerald can break the pattern!!!
Schools go back on Monday but I doubt there will be much work going the first week back, I have a booking for the following week already plus several other jobs throughout the term so hopefully there will be more to follow.
The highlight for this week is going to be seeing Stereophonics play right on our doorstep at The Powerstation.

That's all for now

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Update from New Zealand

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Happy Belated Easter to you all!!

I left the last blog as we were about to head off to Hamilton for the balloon festival....
Our first stop in Hamilton was to meet the newest member of the family. Gerald's cousin Matt and his partner Kelly introduced us to gorgeous Penny, just 6 days old. She is beautiful and very much loved by her big brother Jamie who did not want to give her up for others to hug!!! Then it was onto David and Eriko's as we were heading to the Balloon Night Glow with them and the kids. The balloon glow was good to see, balloons of all different sizes, shapes and colours filling up at the same time and then glowing in time to the music! Gerald's uncle helps to organise it so we were treated to passes into the VIP area with free food and drinks, a great view of the balloons and a firework finale! Thanks Noel!

Last week was a quiet one for me work wise as schools were breaking up for Easter. I just did one day in a year 5/6 class, totally out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it as it was a lovely class in a nice school just down the road from me. I have had a couple of bookings for next term already so hopefully I will continue to get plenty of work.

We have had quite a relaxing easter weekend, we did attempt a road trip on the Saturday to Whangarei as we had heard about the Native Bird Recovery Centre that has a Tui that mimics his owner perfectly and chose his own name.....Woof Woof! Unfortunately we had both forgotten how different NZ is compared to the UK over the Easter period....EVERYTHING closes! So after hours driving to the bird centre it turned out to be closed! It was a beautiful drive though and we took a couple of scenic routes along the coast etc so it wasn't a waste of time!

That's the main news

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Work and play

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It looks like I have the day off today but I can't be sure just yet! Last week I worked 4 days in a variety of schools - everything from a little country school with just 9 year 1 children in my class to a very posh, well resourced school teaching 28 year 6 boys maths!!! Mostly I get the call at about 6.30am but sometimes it seems schools have not remembered they need a relief teacher until the last minute and I have had 9.00am calls!!!

Gerald is continuing to enjoy his new job, he says it is a good challenge and is making him use his brain which I think we both needed to do after our 6 months of not working!

This weekend was a little more relaxed than usual, we had dinner with some of Gerald's family members on Friday (thanks Tim and Renee it was delicious!) and then the rest of the weekend was low key with the only action being a trip to the gym together on Sunday morning!

I worked on Monday and am booked in for a job tomorrow but yesterday as I had not had a call I decided to go and see Kirsten at the zoo. I had the best day! Kirsten arranged for us to go behind the scenes to see the new baby giraffe. It was born just over a week ago and is gorgeous so I took a few pics of course! I also went to the quarantine area and was allowed to go in with the tamarinds and the kiwi. I was even allowed to touch the kiwi - they have sooooo many feathers! As I had stolen Kirsten from her desk for quite a while I offered to help her do some work and so i spent some time in the vets lab taking photographs of tiny frog skeleton xrays on the lightbox ready for archiving!

As you know Gerald did not win the photo competition but he did get an email to say he was a highly commended runner up and as a result was rewarded with 2 cinema passes for sky city so it was kind of worth hassling you all for the whole week to get your votes!!!!!

This weekend we are off to Hamilton again but this time for the Balloons over Waikato festival instead of the rugby. It is a hot air balloon event with balloons of all shapes and sizes taking to the air throughout the day doing various activities and at night there is a 'balloon glow'. It looks great from photos of previous years so it should be a good way to spend some time.

So that's it for now, hope you are all ok

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Working For a Living


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Righto! It’s not been too long since the last update so this will either be short or very detailed. Which way would you like it?

First off, thanks to everyone that voted for my photo. In the end it was a close race, I ended with well over 300 votes I think! But, I didn’t win. No, on Saturday we gave up after seeing two others (one of them the Panda photo which I think was the best one there) was gathering votes like they were something easy to gather! In the end one of them had over 2000 votes! Crumbs! So we didn’t win, but after the competition ended we found out the rules said multiple votes from the same computer was OK. Next time I’ll write a script to give me a vote every 5 seconds. That’ll make me win! Ha!

Last week wasn’t only “Vote For Gerald” week, it was also my first week at work. All week long. So it was also “Have To Iron 5 Shirts” week and “Wear Proper Clothes” week. And, of course, “Get Up Early Every Day Of The” week. It looks like it is going to be a challenging job, and I’ve already had to stay late one night to sort out a problem. The guy who I am replacing has already left (a one-week-handover) so it’s jump in the deep end time. Lots of fun!

Anita has had LOADS of work. Three days last week, and worked today too! She got through her wage details from the Ministry of Education, so now we know how much she is worth in this country, and it’s not too bad. A positive for the future!

Last Friday we went down to Hamilton again for the rugby! Another loss. Boo. But we met up with my friend Matt and went out on the town for the evening. The day after we went out to see my Nana and then over to my brothers for lunch and to tire his children out for him. Back home to Auckland in the afternoon and then a relaxing rest of the weekend. Although on Sunday we went to the gym and did a Pump class! Anita has given up on the running, not her favourite way to exercise. So classes are the way forward, and if she gets any days off work then she can go exercise to her hearts content. Lucky for some!

All in all things have settled down nicely now, we’re into a routine which is almost fun after the past months of doing whatever whenever. Almost fun. Almost.

That’s all for now, this time I’ll leave you with a quote that will be stuck in some of your heads for the rest of the day:
Butt Scratcher? Butt Scratcher!

Me :o)

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Don't forget to Vote!!!

so i can win a $250 dinner!

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I forgot to tell you the prize for the photo competition! It's for $250 towards dinner at Sky City, and Anita and I are really looking forward to it, so fingers crossed that we win!

So remember to vote for my photo, Dog Guarding Sheep! And you have to vote before Sunday night, or Sunday lunchtime for those of you in the UK..

URL: http://chinesecommunity.org.nz/chinese_new_year_2010/topics/show/148-2010-digital-photo-competition
or click here

and choose the last photo on the list, Dog Guarding Sheep!



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