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The Story of the MasterCard

... and the chocolate cake ...

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It’s Tuesday night, and we’re about to go to Tioman Island. We’ve checked out of our room, put our bags in storage and are wasting the day away waiting for the departure time of our bus: 11:30pm.

Deciding that it’d be a good idea to have LOTS of money with us in case we want to stay longer on the island (an island with no ATM), we hit up an ATM not far from the bus station, at about 6:30pm. I get out my 1500 Ringgits. Anita has her card eaten. And the machine then promptly displays an ‘Out Of Order’ sign on the screen. This, it appears, is a good time to start panicking.

So, we leave a note for the bank people, and take down the phone number and email address of the persons to contact when these things happen. The only problem is, is that none of our emails, phone calls or helpful little notes work – the bank does not get back to us and we’re left wondering what to do next.

So we only stay on Tioman for one week (yes, I know, only one week!) and head back on the million hour bus journey to Kuala Lumpur. Getting back we stay in a REALLY bad room (like REALLY bad) and then get up nice and early to hit up the bank this time. Once there Anita goes and sees Mr Bank Man who tells her, yes, they found her card, and as per company policy, it is being sent back to the card issuer in the UK. Which (to her credit, this worked fantastically) upset Anita a bit more, which started the Water Works, and Gerald the comforter giving poor Anita a hug in the bank with all the tellers and customers (and a guy with the shotgun) watching and feeling sad!

Suddenly! Mr Bank Man (we LOVE him), not able to cope with crying non-customers in his bank, says he will contact head office and see if the card is still there and not in the safe (?) hands of the Malaysian Postal System. The hope that it was there brightened up the mood incredibly! Tears ALMOST STOPPED! And indeed they did stop, and smiley faces were all around when Mr Bank Man said card was still in the head office, and to come back at 3pm when the card will be in his trusty and oh so kind hands!

So, lunch, wander about, do some shopping, and then back to the bank we race (as fast as 35 degrees lets you) to find Mr Bank Man holding the missing Bank Card! Not only are there happinesses all over the place, but while Mr Bank Man (we love him more now) is taking a copy of Anita’s passport, the nice teller ladies offer Anita a slice of (extreeeemely yummy I am told) chocolate cake, because (and I quote) “this morning you looked so sad!”

So, card is back, it still works, cake was divine, Anita is happy, Mr Bank Man did a good deed and Gerald gets to write a story!

(oh, it was Mr Bank Man’s birthday, hence the chocolate cake. Happy B’day Mr Bank Man)
(we love him still)


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WOW! Were you lucky, or what? A little bit of crying nearly always works!!! Can't believe sun is shining h ere today and it is October!!!!Where do I send your birthday card to by the way? I'm off to Malawi on the 17th , can't wait!!!
Lots of love
Annika xxx
Enjoy Malawi! And dont worry about a birthday card xxx

by Annika

Anita HI !
KL is a truly wonderful place - you experienced the kind people too!!!
I've sent you a couple of emils to your yahoo account - don't know whether you can access it.... about Fronter (some of us are still busy working remember !!!) Look forward to hearing from you one way or another.
Jem x

by jane

Soooo glad you got your card back. Can imagine how bad u felt. Lucky for Mr Bank Man that you cried instead of goin for his jugular!!!!! Amazing photos.x

by June Williams

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